Services & Committees
Community Building

Our community building was completely remodeled in 2013, adding more space and updating the facilities to create a clean, bright location perfect for group events.

Local organizations get one room per month free, with a charge of $10.00 for each additional usage per month.

A refundable deposit of $200.00 is required for use of the building.

Rental Questions?
If you have questions or would like to rent the community building, contact us!
Community Room Daily Rate
Village/Township Resident
Outside Township
Board Room Daily Rate
Village/Township Resident
Outside Township
Miscellaneous Fees (additional)
Money-Making Events
Early Set Up
Municipal Services


  • Pay your bill online
  • Mail in a check with your water bill
  • Drop off a check in the slot at the front of the Community Building (24h access)
  • Drop off a check in person to the village clerk during office hours
Leaks & Service Disruption
  • If you have a leak inside your house, call a plumber.
  • If you see a leak or a puddle outside that never seems to dry up, call the village superintendant (309) 728-2800 or trustee in charge of water (309) 750-0486
  • If you have no water pressure, contact the village superintendant (309) 728-2800 or trustee in charge of water (309) 750-0486
Monthly Rate Schedule

All services have a base rate for remaining connected to the Village water system, and a usage fee for the amount of water used.

Please contact the village clerk for questions about your bill.

Garbage & Recycling

Garbage — Weekly Pick-up

Tuesday mornings, each week, for the Village of Towanda and the Lamplighter Subdivision

Recycling — Every Other Week Pick-up

Wednesday mornings, every other week, curbside for the Village of Towanda and the Lamplighter Subdivision

  • Plastic containers (#1 - #7) with a small neck (water bottles, pop bottles, milk jugs, shampoo bottles, bleach bottles, etc.)
  • Glass bottles or jars (clear, brown, green or blue)
  • Aluminum cans
  • Newspaper / mixed paper; includes newspaper, paperboard (tissue boxes, food boxes, cereal boxes)
  • Cartons (frozen food boxes, 12/24 beverage can boxes, envelopes, junk mail, magazines, computer paper, paper egg cartons.
  • Cardboard should be broken down
Not Accepted
  • Soiled paper such as paper towels, napkins, etc.
  • Grocery, bread or other plastic bags
  • Plastic tubs or containers with wide openings
  • Drinking glasses, dishes, windows, and mirrors
  • Motor oil or anti-freeze containers or gas cans

Holiday Committee

Towanda’s Holiday Committee plans the Christmas Party. Interested in helping the committee, but can’t add another meeting to your busy schedule? This is the perfect committee for you, they don't meet!

A few emails a year and two events and your commitment is fulfilled.

Community Service

This group provides the townspeople with a place for a reception (community building) and food following a family funeral.

The group supplies the main food and asks the town people for side dishes. We are funded by donations.

Peace Meals

The Peace Meal program is sponsored by the Retired Senior Volunteer Program. Lunchtime meals are delivered by volunteers to qualified residents:

  • Over 60 & home bound
  • Over 60 & medical problems
  • Any age & disabled

Volunteers deliver meals on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays by going to Lexington to pick up the prepared meals and then delivering them to the recipients in Towanda.