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Note:  If you have corrections to any of the information on this page or photographs to contribute, please contact the webmaster by email.  Unfortunately, we must limit photographs to one per organization.
  Community Building Peace Meals  
Community Service Trash Pick-up
Holiday Committee Area Garage Sales

Community Building

Towanda Community Building Rental Rates:
       (Call Deb Kinsella, 728-2216, to reserve the building)

       Usage Fees/Rentals:
  Village/Township Resident $ 75.00
  Outside Township $150.00
  Early Set Up Fee $ 50.00

       Board Room Rentals:

  Village/Township Resident $ 50.00
  Non-Resident $100.00

        Money Making Parties or Events: $200.00  
      Local organizations One usage per month free.
    $10.00 for each additional usage
        Elections:    $50.00

      Refundable Deposit:  $200.00



Community Service


This group provides the townspeople with a place for a reception (community building) and food following a family funeral. The group supplies the main food and asks the town people for side dishes. They are funded by donations.




Holiday Committee

Becky Domkuski    728-2811

Towanda’s Holiday Committee plans the Christmas Party. Interested in helping the committee, but can’t add another meeting to your busy schedule? This is the perfect committee for you, they do not meet. A few emails a year and two events and your commitment is fulfilled. Have ideas or want to help contact Becky Domkuski.



Peace Meals

The Peace Meal program is sponsored by the Retired Senior Volunteer Program, organization. Lunchtime meals are delivered by volunteers to qualified residents - who are over 60 and home bound or with medical problems or those of any age who are disabled. Volunteers deliver meals on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays by going to Lexington to pick up the prepared meals and then delivering them to the recipients in Towanda.

Peace meal coordinator: Becky Domkuski, Village Clerk, 728-2811

Contact Becky if you are interested in being either a volunteer or a recipient of Peace Meals.



Trash Pick-up

Casali & Son's Disposal Service, Inc., 309-242-9001

Weekly pickup:  Monday mornings for the village of Towanda and the Lamplighter Subdivision

Curbside recycling:

  • 2nd & 4th Saturday of the month.  Please place out the night before.
  • All recyclables mush be washed and cleaned, and all lids removed.
  • All recyclables should be placed in containers provided by the resident, such as garbage cans, rubber-maid tubs or boxes.


  • Plastic containers (#1 - #7) with a small neck (water bottles, pop bottles, milk jugs, shampoo bottles, bleach bottles, etc.)
  • Glass bottles or jars (clear, brown, green or blue)
  • Aluminum cans
  • All of the above should be placed together in rubber maid tubs or garbage cans.
  • Newspaper / mixed paper; includes newspaper, paperboard (tissue boxes, food boxes, cereal boxes), cartons (frozen food boxes, 12/24 beverage can boxes, envelopes, junk mail, magazines, computer paper, paper egg cartons.  All should be placed together in a separate container or bundled in paper bags.
  • Cardboard should be broken down and placed in a separate container or bundled.

Not accepted:

  • Soiled paper such as paper towels, napkins, etc.
  • Grocery, bread or other plastic bags
  • Plastic tubs or containers with wide openings
  • Drinking glasses, dishes, windows, and mirrors
  • Motor oil or anti-freeze containers or gas cans



Area Garage Sales

Coordinator:  Gail Ann Briggs,   728-2187

Area Garage Sales are usually held each spring and fall.  Dates are determined with input from people having sales, and considering other area events and holidays that might impact the number of buyers and garages that will potentially participate.  A small fee is charged to each garage to be included on a map and with the list of sale locations and items that is distributed, and in the group ad in the area newspaper(s).  Sellers are asked to prioritize the items they have for sale since the amount listed for each garage depends on space available.



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